ICSA Graduate

“ The guidance from the tutors are extremely valuable and practicing questions on a weekly basis is the key to success. ICSA is not an easy qualification to get and is a highly prestigious one. I am happy I did not give up and managed to successfully complete the course and graduate, with the expert supervision of Belstar.”



ICSA Graduate

“ Belstar has greatly helped me in my studies especially to think in practical terms. Being a new ICSA graduate, I now feel relieved. Thank you Belstar. ”



ICSA Graduate

“ I am a student of Belstar Training Centre since 2009 and this ICSA graduation has brought me one of the biggest accomplishment – for me it’s the icing on the cake! The tutors at Belstar are great, and they guided me expertly to excel in my papers. Thank you Belstar. ”



ICSA Graduate

“ I am studying at Belstar since 2012. I am very thankful for the guidance of their tutors and the hard work involved to help me reach where I am today. A sense of accomplishment after graduation and proud to be member of ICSA. ”