Opportunities and Challenges in AML CFT Compliance


Money Laundering (ML) and Terrorism Financing (TF) risks are omnipresent and Financial institutions are heavily regulated to ensure that they have a zero tolerance as regards such risks.



Compliance Professionals particularly MLRO’s are the driving force for an effective Financial compliance. They have a duty to keep up to date with regulations and understanding thoroughly regulatory expectations. These are the essential ingredients for instilling and maintaining a good compliance culture in their organization. This program of two half days enables compliance professionals to discuss practical challenges and opportunities while designing and implementing compliance frameworks in their organizations. The course is based on the guidance given by the FSC’s AML CFT Handbook issued in 2020.

The program is customized for Mauritian regulations and Mauritian risk scenarios.


Participation Fees

Rs 8,600 per delegate.
MQA Approved.

Start Time

1:30 pm


Finish Time

4:45 pm