Advanced Course on ISO 20022 and SWIFT Standards MX for Payments


The Payments Industry worldwide is adopting ISO 20022 messaging standard. It is estimated that by 2023, ISO 20022 standard will be supporting more than 85% of global financial transactions. Major High Value Payment Systems like Fedwire, CHIPS, TARGET2, UK CHAPS are also migrating to ISO 20022.

As from 2025 SWIFT will also end support to Standards MT for payments and operate on ISO 20022.



Belstar Training Centre is pleased to offer in collaboration with our partner MVLCO a virtual class training program on ISO 20022 and SWIFT Standards MX for Payments to help operators get ready to face and survive the oncoming inevitable competition.

This is an advanced level course which requires participants to have either a sound understanding and experience in payments industry or completed Fundamentals of ISO 20022 Course. This program helps participants to enhance their knowledge and skills by providing a detailed insight in end-to-end ISO 20022 and SWIFT MX messages for payments.

The program is delivered online using Webex or Zoom.


Participation Fees

Rs 11,200 per delegate (subject to HRDC refund at approved rates).

Start Time

9:30 am


Finish Time

12:30 pm