Sponsored students to note:
 Enrolling well before the course is desirable for HRDC refund procedures
 A letter from your employer must be submitted on enrolment
 If letter is not available you should pay the tuition fees
 On settlement from sponsor you will be refunded all amounts you have paid
 Payment facilities and discounts do not apply to sponsored students


As soon as we obtain your enrolment form with the letter from your sponsor , an invoice will be raised .This invoice contains all the information your HR department needs to initiate HRDC procedures A certificate of attendance will be issued towards end of June or November provided you have in attendance for at least 80% of the time.

On the TEC website www.tec.mu under the page private institutions, Belstar centre is listed with CSQS as an approved course. It is essential that you make up your mind early about your next module A tardive decision is often the cause of delay and difficulties with HRDC refunds