ICSA Courses


ICSA course for 2nd Semester of 2018  

1 Recommendations

   New Students       Do not start with   ABL or FRA

   Other students     Do not await results to start your next module

                                      If you have completed FRA, then go for FDM 

 In case of doubts about where to start, please talk to management


2 Start date for ALL modules: 30th June 2018 leading to Nov 18 Exams

 Duration: 22 sessions instead of 20     

 There will be no catching up sessions for those who join late  

 Enrolment starts as from 15th June 2018


3 Time Table Classes on Saturdays except Final case study










FCS on Sunday


4    Tuition Fees

        Any module except Final Case Study                                 Rs   8 000

        Final Case Study (10% discount for Belstar students)     Rs 10 000 

        Resit             Belstar   students    (50% discount)               Rs   4 000      

        Resit             Non Belstar             (25% discount)                Rs   6 000      


5 Eligibility for Repeaters Discount 

   Result slip showing failure at previous sitting must be produced 

   Belstar repeaters must have enrolled for that module at Belstar during past twelve months


 6   Enrolment     

     ICSA entry requirement being now a degree, new students must produce their degree or evidence thereof to enrol


7    Registration with ICSA can be effected at Belstar Centre


8   Sponsored Students should submit G1 forms to HRDC BEFORE course starts. Information for completing G1 forms available on request.

    Please contact adminbelstar@intnet.mu      


9   Documents to be submitted with your enrolment form

  1. Copy of NID card                                              2.  Evidence of registration with ICSA if available     

    3.    Photocopy of degree certificate ICSA         4.  Past result slip for repeaters  


 10  To obtain enrolment form, please email request to adminbelstar@intnet mu       


 11 Payment facilities for a single module available to ICSA registered students only