How to enroll with Belstar Training Centre?

1 . Download enrolment form for ICSA and CISI here Enroll page 1 and here Enroll page 2

2. Before completing the form, you should have read and understood the following :
our rules and regulations , our student charter and our refund Policy

3 . Enrolment is effected on Saturdays between 9.30 and 12.00. To enroll on a weekday, please contact 4675917 for an appointment

4 . Study Texts
After enrolling for a CSQS module you can purchase your study texts from Belstar or place an order if it is not available

Orders for books are not made for single units .We wait for a minimum of six units . The estimated price of books will be at Rs 2200 and Rs 2500 with a GBP exchange at Rs 52.00 and Rs 55.00 respectively